I’m running for Congress because I want the story of our district to be the story of Indiana and the entire nation. Economic growth, improving education, and promoting healthy families will take care of many of the issues we face – including rising crime rates, rising unemployment, and declining graduation rates. To achieve this, we have to put the power back in the hands of the people. I will work to make this happen.

Donald Eason, Jr.


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Join Donald in Moving Indiana 

Protecting Our Rights


We follow the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, by holding to the truths that all men are created equal and have the rights to religious freedom, and the protection of individual liberties, including the right to protect one's family, home, and business.

Power in the Hands

of the People


We, as a nation, need to focus on the founding principles and limit our government so that the power is back in the hands of the people.

Healthcare Reform


We need to find and develop market-based solutions that provide health care for all Americans. States, not the federal government, should be responsible for deciding how to treat those who may not fall into any particular market system.



Veterans are heroes who ought to be respected and taken care of by our government – including healthcare. Veterans should be allowed priority access to the best healthcare within our private and public sectors.



Life begins at conception. Abortion destroys lives, families, communities and in turn will destroy our civilization.


"Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love but to use violence to get what they want." 

- Mother Teresa

The Economy


Our economy works best when the government isn’t in the way. In Congress, I will work to introduce and support legislation that makes it easier for business owners and job creators to grow our economy by lessening regulatory and tax burdens.

1st & 2nd



Our Freedom of Speech is vital to our independence and maintenance of our liberty as citizens of the United States. 

I support our 2nd amendment rights because it is fundamental to the safety and security of our citizens and protects the sovereignty of our nation. 

District #7 Safety


Many crimes are committed by descendants of broken homes; we need to implement programs within our district that support the family unit. Also, we need to support our local police departments, neighborhood block clubs, and youth programs to help reduce the crime and murder rate in our District #7.

Education & Employment


Education must be returned to where it belongs – the hands of parents and teachers. Lower taxes, fewer regulations, and giving power over the educational system to the states and localities are the best ways to bring down unemployment. The individual states know their economy better than the Federal Government and are in a better position to determine how to educate our children in order to grow and maintain employment.



We must enforce the current laws as they stand on immigration. Our first priority must be to secure and protect the citizens of the United States, and only then can we explore immigration reform. While we welcome legal immigrants, it is vital to contend with the impact of illegal immigration regarding the ability of our citizens to procure gainful employment.